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December 16, 2013


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Hi Christi,
I've not commented here before, but I saw your blog and wanted to leave some love. Our pets are such an important part of our lives. I know how hard it is, and my first two kitties both died at 5 years old (pure bred hairless kitties....ruined me on purebred animals. goddawful to have young kitties die for no reason other than bad genetics). 5 years is nothing compared to 17, but they were my babies before I had babies too. and they were there through all the hard times, the transitions, college kitties, marriage kitties. Sigh. How wonderful that Durango got to die peacefully in the sun at home. One of my kitties went into awful heart and lung failure and had a frantic, emotional euthanasia that I've never felt OK about (even though my motivation was to alleviate suffering, I'm not sure I did). One died at home, and it felt much more "right." I agree with you about taking care of our pets until the end and using pee pads or whatever needed to do so. You gave Durango a great life and showed such compassion to help support her until the end. Wishing you peace in your heart and mind as you send Durango on to the next journey. The box is lovely. I am also glad you allowed your children to be a part of the process. So many of my friends try to hide death from their kiddos, and I don't judge them for it, but that is not the way we roll over here. When our pets died, Milena helped dig the hole, said some nice words, etc. I am so not looking forward to the day we lose our little girl doggies. We hopefully will have many years with them, but I remember the raw feelings after a pet death and telling myself "never again" only to jump back in and give my heart away to another furry buddy (or in this case two furry buddies). I am thinking of you!

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