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May 10, 2014


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What a beautiful story. It is so hard to be a musician and feel like you have to choose between one instrument or the other. I am a million times grateful that you chose to play the flute all those years ago; otherwise, we might not know each other now! That being said, I'm also really excited for you to have the chance to fall in love with the piano again and have those experiences. When I heard you play on that gorgeous piano, I couldn't believe how fantastic you sounded. :-) :-)

What an awesome story. We could not afford a piano either. I played on my friend's piano. Dianne still in contact with me since 3 yrs old. She was my first teacher. She never practiced and I played there all the time, taught me my notes. I played Around the World in 80 Days for dad & neighbors. Dad got me a piano and my mom went through the roof, as he was on unemployment. The piano is the full orchestra, and I hope you get to play for your family and have them all stand around and sing. Unfortunately, I'm totally concert classical, but it's all the same. Angels play music. And you are one. You can hear it in your flute solo!

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